Sell Phone—Flash Fiction #5

09150402_18_xlIt’s fuckin cold out here. I can feel every hair on my arms prickin up like a goddam dog’s ears when he hears the kibble bag.

That buzzin fuckin streetlight over there is pissin me off. Stupid orange glow from it looks like somebody puked a puddle of OJ on the street.

What a shithole neighborhood. More oil on the goddam asphalt than in the cars. Bet I could punch a hole right through this one, more rust than metal.

But nah, I got to hide behind it, stead of punch it. Cause of the pricks in that house I don’t want to see me.

Had a good week… So I thought. Then that twat Sybil made bank, wavin the commissions in my face, sayin she was winnin the corporate Maui trip, not me.

We’ll fuckin see, Sybil.

But first things first. That house. Wouldn’t’a thought a businessman buyin a bucket-load of phones’d live there. I mean, me and Mom’s house ain’t pretty, but it’s a fuckload nicer than that piece of crap. Peelin paint, shingles missin, front porch saggin more’n Mom’s wrinkly tits.

Maybe it’s one of them crazy billionaires, likes to hoard his money and live like a hobo. But he didn’t look like no hobo when he came in to the store, just a normal guy. Jeans, flannel shirt, Walmart jacket.


He’d’a come in just thirty fuckin seconds sooner, he’d’a been my commission. But no, I had some ditzy blond couldn’t figure out why her phone was bricked. Cause you put in the PIN ten times wrong, you stupid bitch. Quick fix, but not quick enough—heard the buzzer over the door go while I was waitin for the ditz’s phone to reboot, saw the guy as Sybil went up to him, heard him say he needed twenty fuckin phones for his new employees, just startin up a software company or some shit.

Twenty fuckin phones.

That’d’a put me over the top for the Maui trip. Stead, it put me over the edge, when that cunt Sybil looked over and gave me the sweetest cuntiest smile as she said to the guy Why sure, sir, I’d love to help you.

Just like that—I’d love to help you. I bet you would, cunt.

But Sybil could wait. Cause this asshole came in thirty seconds too late and cost me my Maui trip.

What’s that? Ah, must be his wife there in the window, puttin dinner on the table. Kinda late for dinner, almost eight o’clock. Kids there, I see three, a boy and two girls, little, like six or somethin.

And how’s this guy buyin twenty fuckin phones, lives in a place like that? Piece of shit Ford in the driveway, must be fifteen years old. Guess this asshole sunk every penny he had into his new company. Good luck, Jack—twenty fuckin phones with plans ain’t cheap. Maybe the house is like a, what you call it, a front. Cheap rent, but lots of computers and stuff inside. I like computers, lots of porn. Mom tells me stop watchin porn, but I’m twenty-two years old, can do what I want. Sides, she’s one to talk—I heard her with her new boyfriend other night, she goin down on him. Yuck. He’s old, like fifty.

Well, I get that Maui trip, I’m goin, never comin back. Fuck Sybil and her cunt-smile—I’ll get me a job at one’a the stores over there. Already looked on the company website, they’re hirin at one over there. I get a free trip over, six-day vacay, and then I’m in the wind for this shithole of a town here.

But first I gotta take care of this asshole for almost makin me lose the Maui trip, cause nobody disses me like that. Too bad the wife and kids are in there, but that’s the breaks, asshole.

Then for Sybil. Wonder if she’ll be givin me that cunt-smile when I slit her face open with this knife I took from Mom’s kitchen?

Fuck, I hope so.

* * *

Sell Phone—Flash Fiction #5
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2 thoughts on “Sell Phone—Flash Fiction #5

  • December 16, 2016 at 1:06 AM

    This is another amazing story, David. Love the voice of the character. Great tension and build-up to the end.

    • December 18, 2016 at 3:36 PM

      Thanks for the kind words, Lori. Much appreciated.


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